Perfection for choosing the best Mattress for You

For those who always seek to buy the best mattress, with better raw material, comfort and durability always remains in doubt, after all which is the best mattress? Every day we receive customers’ question, after what phylum what is the best mattress? And the answer is not as simple as some vendors go. Because each person has a biotype, so the best for you may not be the best for other clients.

But we’ve listed the best of the year 2019 based on information from the manufacturers we work with, customer information and clear technical support statistics. In 2019 we had many launches of top mattresses from the best brands of mattresses in Brazil, logically from those we work with.

As a comparison only, we will put a price range, based on the double size sold by the internet, all mattresses have the button “I want to buy” below the description, when clicking it will be directed to the page of the mattress where you will find all the information about it

The Best Mattresses of 2019:

The Impression is imposing with 42cm of height. In its base it has an EPS plate, with thermal insulation, which increases the mattress and improves the support for the springs. The mattress is lined with high quality 440gr mesh, viscose and polyester, which adds a touch to the fabric totally differentiated and soft in sleep number adjustable bed.

For anyone looking for the best this is without doubt a mattress:

Technical data:

  • Type of structure: Pocket springs with high quality foams D45, Viscoelastic layer and imported mesh
  • Height: 42cm
  • Weight Support per person: 150kg

Type of Comfort: Soft with Firm

  • Range of Price (reference Couple): from 4,500 to 6,500.00
  • To see the values ​​of Mattress Angels Springs Pocket Impression

The Commodite Mattress is a firm mattress with comfort, 36cm high, with pocket spring system and Viscoelastic foam layer.

Angels Mattress Technical Data: Frame

Type: Pocket Springs mistletoe foam layer and massager.

Height: 36cm

Weight Support per person: 150kg

Comfort Type: Firm

Price range (reference number): from 3,900.00 to 4,800.00