Factors to keep in mind when choosing a mattress

Is the brand important?

On the market there are numerous Italian and foreign companies that deal with the production of mattresses, some of which have specialized in a particular type, while others embrace the most diverse types and offer a wide choice to their customers. Our advice is not to prefer a brand in particular, but rather to refer to a known and reliable brand , to be sure not to be cheated but, rather, to receive all due and accurate information on the composition of the mattresses and on the relevant guarantee certificates.

Furthermore, entrusting oneself to a widespread company is synonymous with a greater guarantee of the quality of the materials used and fore and post sales assistance , to be guided in the choice by receiving all the necessary data before the purchase and to be followed later, if there were any doubts, problems or any other question. You will find many branded mattress at Macy’s Fourth of July sale.

The lift

The term “lift” refers to the degree of resistance that the mattress opposes to a load (which in this case is the weight of the user), that is to say if the mattress “yields” to the weight of the body lying there or if, on the contrary, it exercises a force that sustains it vigorously. Recall that if it is true that a good product must be able to support the body at all points, so that the spine

Are the materials important?

Moreover some materials are distinguished by particular characteristics that are well suited to a specific target of users: this is the case, for example, of an external covering or an internal memory foam composition, suitable for the most cold, or the use of materials totally hypoallergenic for those suffering from allergies due to dust. We must always pay attention to the indications concerning materials: if a mattress is mixed, it is important to take care of the percentage of the various materials used, so as to ensure not only a product suited to their needs and expectations, but above all in line with the price we are asked to spend to buy it.